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What's for dinner??


Posted 4:13 pm, 10/12/2021

I had a small lunch today... I might make some fajitas when I get home. This might be the end of my bell peppers for the season


Posted 3:57 pm, 10/12/2021

jello and broth..colonoscopy coming up!


Posted 11:21 pm, 09/19/2021

fried cabbage, lima beans and rice, catheads with maters!!!

and a pepsi!


Posted 9:27 pm, 09/19/2021



Posted 9:07 pm, 09/19/2021

Pineapple and Ham. Had New York strips and a baked potato tonight.


Posted 9:07 pm, 09/19/2021

Banana peppers


Posted 9:01 pm, 09/19/2021

pizza tonight was good what's everyone's favorite pizza topping


Posted 1:34 am, 09/18/2021

I usually like to eat out on weekends, but I never go to town during Merlefest! Especially not now, with COVID. So I bought a bunch of stuff to make at home.

That made me realize that I eat a LOT of sweet potatoes!


Posted 1:22 am, 09/18/2021

I have a steak I might fix. It really depends on how I feel tomorrow.


Posted 1:07 am, 09/18/2021

I'm thawing a chicken breast for tomorrow... I'll grill that with some BBQ sauce (terribly unhealthy, I know!), grill an ear of corn, and some mashed sweet potatoes.

Summer is about to get away from me, I have to grill as much as I can before it's too late!


Posted 7:45 pm, 09/17/2021

grilled some bologna but looking for ideas for tomorrow always found the thread useful thanks for the input


Posted 7:40 pm, 09/17/2021

I had a cook out burger today. The first one in a long time.


Posted 7:21 pm, 09/17/2021

People got so caught up in politics they forgot to eat

My lasagna is in the oven and making the house smell great! What are you eating?


Posted 7:12 pm, 09/17/2021

What happened to the whats for dinner thread

Old Dixie Dog

Posted 8:30 am, 08/14/2021

If there is anything that taste better than fresh corn cut off the cob, salted and buttered with slices of garden fresh tomatoes and cat head biscuits I don't know what it would be!


Posted 2:31 am, 08/14/2021

I'm kind of tired of everything... I think that I eat the same 4 or 5 meals, over and over and over.


Posted 1:43 am, 08/12/2021


Posted 11:04 pm, 07/31/2021

Aw, this makes me think of Unicornhunter. I did not feel like cooking and ate out tonight. I've got a Strawberry cheesecake French toast recipe I'll be trying in the morning.

Gnorts, Mr Alien

Posted 5:39 pm, 07/31/2021

I'm hungry but don't know what to make or where to go


Posted 7:43 am, 05/03/2021

After getting home from working second shift, I usually heat up something for dinner about 2 am.

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